Anecdotage: Disrespect for all

Sharon Butala, one of Canada's better-known authors, recently published an article in The Walrus in which she laments widespread ageism and demands better treatment for her sixty-something person and well, RESPECT. As for me, one of Canada's least-known authors and a good decade older than Ms Butala, I would like to make some random, old lady … Continue reading Anecdotage: Disrespect for all

Is the patriarchy ending?

  How wonderful it is, women owning their power, speaking up, with #MeToo, #Time'sUp and #Nobody'sDoll. This last one is a brave attempt to liberate women on the red carpet from the stiletto heels and plunging necklines that, according to Anna Brueggemann, the creator of #Nobody'sDoll, constitute a kind of straitjacket. She is making a good case … Continue reading Is the patriarchy ending?

The darkest day of the year​

I was going to write something uplifting; I really was. Something about how, with a little luck and a little hope, the human race will not only survive but thrive. But it turned into something quite different.  At first, my native pessimism (I call it realism) kicked in with a vengeance, especially during the last week when the … Continue reading The darkest day of the year​

Ignorance, sexual predation, and the Weinstein effect

It wasn't long ago that, in medieval Europe, fathers married off their hapless daughters to forge geopolitical alliances. Girls were pawns in the power games of their families. It mattered not that many of them were mere children. The boys didn't have a lot of influence about whom they married either, while women and girls … Continue reading Ignorance, sexual predation, and the Weinstein effect

Anecdotage 10a: Catalonia and political freedom 101

We were hoping, but we knew that things could go from bad--posturing by Puigmont; legalistic preaching by Madrid--to worse. And it has. Here is what Robin Alan wrote, minutes ago: The situation in Spain is even worse than I thought it would be... they just jailed eight members of Puigdemont´s government... political prisoners in 21st … Continue reading Anecdotage 10a: Catalonia and political freedom 101