Lament for Catalonia

Spain is my emotional home--the intensity, the passion, the frankness, the harsh shadows and brilliant lights--echo my own, not always easy character. I have spent many months there, each time becoming more enamoured. So when I witness scenes of utter chaos and police violence towards citizens of Barcelona going about the democratic business of voting … Continue reading Lament for Catalonia

California Dreamin’

Let's keep this short and bitter: I just came back from the City of Angels, where I listened to Californians talk about their 'election'. It's is a bit like talking to your six-year-old about Santa: she wants to believe, but she already has serious doubts.

Does sustainable living look like this?

I do occasionally stumble upon good news, and when I do, I always want to share it. Today, I want to point you at a village that is entirely self-sufficient, green, off-grid, and utopian. The concept is quite simple, the builders of RegenVillages took all the existing sustainable, green and clean technologies that we have … Continue reading Does sustainable living look like this?

The Brexit is the Tip of a Troubling Iceberg

It's on everyone's mind today. From John Oliver's barber shop quartet lampooning the divided nature of the debate to the tune of Ode to Joy to Andrew Nikiforuk in the Tyee, reminding us that bigness always leads to badness. Both are right, but wait, that can't be because they are arguing opposing positions. I have … Continue reading The Brexit is the Tip of a Troubling Iceberg