Revised NAFTA shows every sign of being another Trump scam. A rare guest on my blog says it better than I ever could.

Systemic Disorder

If the renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement were good for working people, its content wouldn’t be hidden. Just what the Trump administration and the Mexican government of Enrique Peña Nieto have cooked up we do not know, but given the proclivities of both it is not likely to be good.

That the hurried-up deal appears to be intended to force Canada, which the strongest regulations among the three NAFTA countries, into signing on disadvantageous terms, provides all the more reason to be skeptical. And, finally, a study of the United States Office of the Trade Representative’s “fact sheet” leaves no doubt that any new NAFTA will be a windfall for multi-national corporations, at our expense.

Let’s back up for a moment and remind ourselves that we should judge actions, not words. The contrast between Donald Trump’s empty campaign lies and his administration’s actual policies and actions are glaring, such…

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My Very Own Climate Change Disaster

I believe in synchronicity, the fortuitous connection between apparently random events. Yesterday, at 4pm, I watched the stunning spectacle of a giant oak tree in front of my apartment, cleaving in half. This was a Garry Oak, a species that only grows here, in the dry climate of Victoria, and it was hundreds of years … Continue reading My Very Own Climate Change Disaster

Disengagement from certain odious Americans

Waaayyy back, in the good old days when the Canadian comic Rick Mercer was still in business, he did his most outrageous and successful show called 'TALKING TO AMERICANS'. It showed him shoving a microphone into the faces of professors, students, housewives, little old ladies, and even George Bush, asking them the most asinine questions about … Continue reading Disengagement from certain odious Americans

Chaos Words

Fake News. Propaganda. Populism. Psy-Ops. Trump threatening journalists and tweeting nonsense about Canada being a threat to 'national security'.  Brexit and Bill C-16; Doug Ford winning the election in Ontario: What do they all have in common? Words, used in ways that confuse, make life more opaque, intensify magical thinking and foster ill-timed disagreements. Words matter … Continue reading Chaos Words

Smart cities & dumb fucks.2

Between Meghan's elevation to Duchess of Sussex and yet another disturbed young man massacring his schoolmates in the US, it seems almost churlish to keep harping on the pell-mell digitization of our lives. But it is an issue that keeps coming up. I'm talking about a culture that no longer understands itself because the forces … Continue reading Smart cities & dumb fucks.2