The Red Reset Button in Our Mind

The universe is continually sending us messages, sometimes obvious, sometimes in code. I believe that we ignore them at our peril, both on a personal and global level. And lately, I’ve gotten the message that I need a general reset, a makeover, a do over, a rethink, a big edit. It’s been going on for a least a year, maybe longer.

And now, it’s crunch time: quite literally because I am heading into a hip replacement and with that, a two to three month period of rehab. It’s supposed to ‘give you your life back’, to quote my osteopath. Meanwhile, everything in my immediate environment has to be re-jigged to accommodate an old woman no longer wandering, but limping.

This is all by way of saying see you later to my ten year old Blog. It will be relaunched in late spring, under the same name of OLD WOMAN WANDERING. If you are interested in what the reset has done, you can find out under that heading.

On a more global level, I think the human species is heading into a big, tumultuous reset of its own. We’re overdue. As one of the current popular thinkers, Yuval Noah Harari put it, we suffer from three vexing problems–atomic annihilation, climate chaos, and Big Data, in the hands of private firms like Google and Facebook, undermining what’s left of our democracies. He thinks that the Nation State cannot deal with these global and existential threats to humanity; only global solutions will do that. I agree, but not entirely. It’s possible that these solutions will come, not from the top down, but the grassroots, the bottom up. The thing is, nobody knows. And I would add a fourth issue: a general crisis of legitimacy; a deep resentment and suspicion of our ‘elites’ and what they are actually doing. We no longer trust them; see Brexit. Or Trump.

Harari fails to mention where answers might come from. He wisely left that one alone. I have some dark suspicions on that score, but I won’t go there in this last blog on this old site. That discussion is for the new site. It will be devoted to finding new paths that reformulate the old ideas of the Enlightenment, now 200 years old.

Thanks for reading. It’s been a great ride. See you in May, 2018.



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