Eternal conflict

There’s going to be a grand military parade in front of the White House this year. The date hasn’t been set but that doesn’t matter; what matters is that the Orange Beast, aka  Commander in Chief, has decreed it. Already, the reaction has set in, much of it comparing Trump to tiny Kim, who also loves the pomp and spectacle of his marching men, his giant tanks and missiles. All dictators bent on war love this stuff; it’s very old hat and very disturbing. Because until that announcement, we could still hope that maybe, just maybe, common sense would prevail in the White House and there would not be another World War.

That hope is now gone. They will find an excuse for ‘fire and fury’ to rain down on either North Korea or better yet, Iran. That would make ‘Mad Dog Mattis’ delirious; he’s been pushing that agenda for a decade already and he ain’t getting any younger. The signal is clear and we should all be preparing ourselves for the worst because nobody is going to do the right thing and get rid of HIM, as they used to do in the good old days. They used to enjoy presidential assassination in the US; I can’t understand what has happened.

Aside from run of the mill egomania, there is another reason: the class conflicts that fueled the first and second World Wars were never really settled. Social and economic equality and justice are a mirage that keeps receding before our eyes. We are living in the most unequal society the world has ever seen. And we know that inequality kills society. The last time things were this unequal, the French Revolution broke out. It’s just a matter of time. The irrational exuberance of bloated markets that will surely crash yet again is a sign that the men in power (99% are men!) need a distraction, something to sell to the anxious and angry populace, something to stop the atmosphere of despair and revolution. Why not a war? It’s worked in the past.

A great spectacle of military might is just perfect for getting everybody into the proper mood for WW3. Heil Trump.


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