Anecdotage #9: Joined at the patriarchal hip: Weinstein and Boyle

We seem to be having a collective Weinstein moment: one of the most powerful men in Hollywood disgraced and his company up for grabs, all because he sexually molested women throughout his long career. And of course, everyone in the business knew it–and kept their mouths firmly shut. As John Wight puts it succinctly in Notes From Hollywood, a first-hand account of life in Hollywood in Counterpunch, “Harvey Weinstein is the tip of a very large iceberg when it comes to abuse in the movie business. He is the rotten product of a rotten culture dominated by sociopaths,”

He is indeed, in much the same way that Trump is a symbol of the corrupt and dangerously stupid Republican base, Weinstein is a symbol of a system that was known, accepted and even mocked with the phrase ‘the casting couch’. It was just the way things were, and unfortunately, there is a contagion effect all the way to ordinary men who believe, just like Weinstein did, that they know better than their womenfolk and furthermore have the right to rule over them because of their innate superiority.  This is borne out by the other man much in the news lately, the redoubtable Mr Joshua Boyle, who thought it would be a good idea to take his pregnant wife Caitlan to Afghanistan to ‘fix things’, as he told the Guardian. And who, after being kidnapped by the Haqquani network,  an offshoot of the Taliban, proceeded to have three children with his wife, in the subsequent five years of captivity during which his wife was raped, and endured a forced abortion. He thought having the children a good idea since his wife was already in her thirties, they ‘had a lot of time on their hands’ and ‘we had always wanted a lot of children, half a dozen or more. We’re Irish, ha ha.”

After much fawning by the media after they arrived back in the west and not a single word from his Caitlan, we have just been informed that she is in hospital with some undisclosed illness. And Mr. Boyle now wants us all to leave them alone.

Really. You don’t say. And Caitlan still hasn’t uttered a word though apparently, her parents are reported to be ‘angy’ that their son in law put his young, pregnant wife in harm’s way in Afghanistan to ‘fix things’ there. One can only wonder what he thought he would be able to ‘fix’ aside from his wife. He sure fixed her, didn’t he. Not to mention his innocent children, traumatized for the rest of their lives. No, we don’t know all the details, but we know enough to draw some conclusions, none of them favourable to Mr Boyle’s cause. While Boyle isn’t quite as appallingly ugly as Weinstein is, I think they belong together.

So far, nobody has put the two men in the same despicable category as arrogant abusers of women. I find that rather typical. Neither has there been any comment on the spectacle of this couple being treated as wonderful people returned from hell. A hell they invited, after all. All I can say is, Boyle and Weinstein should get together and compare notes on life, women and how difficult they can be. Preferably in jail, where they won’t be able to do much harm to women in their power.

I am certain they would find nothing but common ground.

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