Anecdotage #3: the great disconnect

Did you know that NASA  is engaged in a decade long study of what the ice is doing, in Greenland? No, neither did I, but I’m sure you’ve heard that they’re planning on roasting wieners on Mars before too long. The reason we know the latter but not the former is that the MSM is criminally negligent in reporting on what might concern us all: our very survival on this planet, now in question because of Climate Change. And did you know that the scientists who are doing the research up in Kanger were recently visited by some US congressmen and cautioned to never, ever talk politics to them? And while they and their data gathering project are dependent for funding on a President suffering from several personality disorders and a public misled my MSM like CNN and Fox News, these sober scientists are supposed to simply shut up, like little boys. Don’t mention the War! No, it doesn’t sit well with them, “as one of the ice specialists, feeling frustrated, launched into a small speech about how Americans don’t take data seriously, and how it’s going to kill us all. Nobody disagreed.” The story from which this quote is taken, was published by The Guardian today: utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=The+Long+Read+-+Collections+2017&utm_term=2370

It struck me like an iceberg might: there’s the obvious surface idiocy of this situation, but then there’s the rest of the berg, hidden from view. What we, the public don’t see and what makes this article fascinating, is the personal story of the scientists who have careers to protect and policies to follow and therefore can’t be ‘on the record’. It takes balls to not follow orders, and being a scientist is quite enough of a challenge, thank you. So most of them do as they’re told, and therefore we know much less about what’s really going on with Climate Change. I’ve been told by a psychiatrist who treats environmentalists for free that they’re all battling severe depression. And no wonder. With self-appointed heroes like Gore leading the Climate Change discussion, anyone would get depressed. Gore is firmly embedded in the capitalist system that’s causing the problem, and that, in itself, disqualifies him. He should be a public pariah, given his long record of deception, and non-interference in any number of environmental disasters. If you want the list, and it is a long one, here’s an excellent Counterpunch article:

Here in Canada, we are enjoying the second summer of fierce gigantic forest fires and have, finally, begun to actually link these devastating events to Climate Change. I can tell you the date when the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) decided that they couldn’t maintain their silence any longer; it was a month ago, when the province of BC started to burn in earnest. Instead of the usual focus on the heroic firefighters and the warm hearted people helping each other survive, we actually got some serious analysis of WHY this was happening. Again. Last year, when the Fort Mac fires burned out of control, there was not a single word wasted on Climate Change. Not one. I watched and waited in vain for the magic word, every night.

So, I imagine there was a meeting of the people who matter at the CBC, and maybe they got some pressure from their listeners, some of whom might have been scientists. I’m surmising here, trying to imagine a news culture so corrupt that from one day to the next, they simply decide that they can’t lie anymore and have to tell you, grudgingly, that yes, Virginia, it might all have to do with that thing they call Climate Change, something we actually hate to bring up.

We have systemic denial; let’s not scare the people, they can’t take the truth. Meanwhile, the people’s houses are burning. They are refugees in their own land. I guess they can take that. The costs are in the billions and rising. But let’s not talk openly about it. Let’s be careful. Let’s not overstate our case, shall we?

I am, as I said, in despair. It feels like a good place to be just about now. And my reading matter reflects it: Gold Fame Citrus, by Claire Faye Watkins, is a novel I highly recommend to anyone thinking beyond today. It’s a true dystopian saga set in a drought stricken California drowning in a sea of sand. It’s not a fun read, but it rings true. Unlike what most of the news outlets present as ‘news’. Trust me, a lot of it is semi fake news, or simply half the story. Remember, everyone who knows anything worth knowing has been told to keep quiet, communicate with graphs and charts and never, ever, let their real feelings show. The politicians, the senior administrators, they know feelings are very dangerous. Can’t have sober scientists talking about how they feel, can we. Only great fakes like  Gore have that luxury.

Yet,  it’s all about how we FEEL about our planet, about the animals we’re murdering, the sea that is polluted and full of dying coral, the herds of cattle belching methane, the fires, the floods, the melting ice…the list is nearly endless. But if we don’t feel anything, all the charts and graphs will not help us grasp the enormity of what we’re doing. It will never end until we end. Not with a bang, not even with a whimper. And it might be a good thing for the earth. She will eventually lose the human fever, shake off the footprint of mankind, and simply carry on. Without us. That’s the Great Disconnect I’m talking about.

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