California Dreamin’

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Let’s keep this short and bitter: I just came back from a two week visit to the City of Angels, where I listened to Californians talk about their ‘election’. It’s is a bit like talking to your six-year-old about Santa: she wants to believe, but she already has serious doubts. Likewise, listening to Angelinos discuss the Donald and all that goes with him, is a bit odd. Because they w believe that California is NOT, decidedly not, like the rest of this disunited country. They are bigger, smarter and only loosely part of the Nation, and therefore, whatever the Donald dishes up, they will manage to ignore it at best, or mount some trouble in the streets, at worst.
‘Let’s wait and see and not lose our sense of humour,’ they say as they go about their usual business in LA.
The thing is, they are such nice people, generally speaking. Certainly, the ones I met were. Small merchants, one highly educated CEO of something, assorted clerks in stores. A dog named Highfive. A teacher, a nanny, even a writer. They’re all such friendly folks, hard working. Polite, careful not to offend. One never knows, right?
Meanwhile, the sun is shining gaily on the mad tangle of the freeways, and all appears as usual. Normal. Nothing to see here folks, so move right along.
Everything’s going to be a-ok.
If you believe that, Santa is surely up there, on his sleigh, shouting hey ho, Rudolf!!!
So here comes 2017. And sure as shootin’, that sleigh will come crashing down on those freeways full of nice people.
As for me, all those far out crazy ideas about heading for the hills with guns and butter suddenly don’t seem so crazy anymore. Of course, you might say, what do you know, you’re not from there and you’re old and a bit negative, perhaps. Granted. Maybe those nice Angelinos are right, after all. I fervently hope so.
This is the last post for this year: a sort of merry Christmas to you all, and don’t let Santa get you.

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