What if they gave an election and nobody came?

We’re down to the wire with the dreadful 2016 US election, and nobody paying attention to the ‘backstory’ of either candidate is happy. What the Punch and Hillary show has demonstrated without a shadow of a doubt is this:
There’s nobody to vote for.
But that’s just the beginning of the story.
The muck that this election has exposed is so deep, so vile, so devastating, that the only sane reaction is to stay home. And drink, or do whatever it takes to take your mind off this unseemly spectacle they continue to call an election.
It truly is a vast, ugly reality show down there in the USĀ and no election of utterly corrupt and/or inept candidates is going to fix this.
The problems are too deep, the interests too entrenched, the people too full of rage for this to be over when whoever wins ‘wins’.
Alas for us all, the US is still a global empire with more armaments than any other nation or all of us put together. We can’t ignore what’s going wrong in the US; it will matter to everyone living on our battered planet.
But to honour this farce by voting is throwing good money after bad.
So, I say to my American friends, stay home. Have a good meal with friends. And raise a glass to what was once a nation with legitimate hopes for a better future. That Nation is long gone, and what’s left is a carcass upon which the elites are gorging themselves.

There’s nothing left for good people who do the right thing, who work, who save, who vote. Those ‘deplorable’ citizens have been betrayed, tossed into the garbage, and they know it.

What comes next might be nothing but chaos.

One thought on “What if they gave an election and nobody came?

  1. I would venture to guess that civil unrest is exactly what they want to happen. they have built hundreds of mass detention facilities all across the us and Canada just waiting to be filled up. This way they can completely abandon the constitution and any civil rights they (and us) have left. Very quietly Canada has be passing exactly the same laws. We talk about the disfunction and corruption in the US but anyone paying attention to what’s happened in Canada knows that we are further down that road in many ways than the US.

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