The Brexit Iceberg, Take Three

Maybe this whole mess is going to be a good thing, after all. Why? Because it is yet another golden opportunity to have a public discussion about why the times are so out of joint. Right now, it’s a howling and a wailing heard across the globe, but here and there, some intelligent comments are emerging. Maclean’s Mag asks if the Brexit is a sign of another ‘war against globalization’, and concludes that yes, maybe. It’s a good article as far as it goes; it just doesn’t go far enough. Globalization, just like the Brexit itself is a signal that something has gone awry; however, it’s not the actual problem. The actual, deeper problem is global corporatism on digital steroids.

We might want to think more deeply about all of it. We may have to let go of holy cows like endless growth and other such modern myths. We may have to seriously engage with the ideas coming from what are currently labeled ‘radical thinkers’, Chomsky, Rushkoff, Klein and the current Pope, who has ┬ácondemned the system we’re all trying so hard to make work.

It’s not working. The Brexit is more than what it appears to be. When old white workers yell about ‘taking their country back’, it’s code for ‘we’ve lost control of our destiny’. Which they have. We all have. The corporate operating system is doing what it is designed to do, which is to give everything to the elite and the shareholders and nothing to the rest of us. And so, Trump is triumphant, Britain will shrink to England, and Catalunya will, finally, secede from Spain. Others might follow. It’s going to be somewhat chaotic, because fundamental changes are always like that. But Bigger is not always Better, in spite of what the corporations tell us.

Maybe that’s another myth that needs dismantling. Fact is, small is always beautiful. Fact is, local and small entrepreneurship is what we need to seriously consider as our ideal ‘operating system’. Especially in a world of Climate Change driven by too much corporate extraction. We’re overdue for a painful conversation, but here’s our chance.

The Brexit could become The Brentance to a deadly serious discussion about our collective future. And we should start now, because There is not much time, as Chomsky observed in his latest work, Who Rules The World?

Want to find out?

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