The Brexit Iceberg, Take Two

What a feast for pundits the Brexit result has become, my favourite response coming from The Donald: people are angry everywhere, he intoned, though as usual, there was no explanation as to why that might be.
The angry mood of people, with The Donald its most recognizable incarnation, is voting not so much for something as against everything else. As I already pointed out in my previous Blog, we’re running a 13th century, destructive program, the corporate state, on modern digital software, and the results are not pretty. Our economy and our natural environment are showing clear signs of distress, because there are limits. The corporation doesn’t recognize them; it is legally bound to go on extracting EVERYTHING OF VALUE, from people, the globe, you and me. Forever. The end result, if we don’t stop it, is one giant corporation ruling over a wasteland serviced by slaves.
Hmm. Maybe we don’t want that. But right now, the elites like the Clintons and David Cameron’s bunch and the corporations are indeed ruling the world, without regard to people or the environment. Most of today’s progressive thinkers have arrived at this conclusion, and to their credit, the British public has, in its own incoherent way, arrived at the same place. They are indeed angry and using convenient scapegoats like immigrants to vent their feelings of disempowerment. They have become reactionaries because they know that they are pawns in a game that is rigged against them. The devilish details might be unclear, but people have a gut feeling about this.
The British have always been the people who were able to show the king the door, and if he didn’t go quietly, chopped off his head. They always meant it when they talked about freedom, about liberty. Europeans know this, and that is why this divorce hurts so much.
With this break from the EU, Britain has once again chopped off the head they don’t agree with. The aftermath is going to be long and bitter, because the powers that run the continent will make an example of Britain. They feel under attack, as they are. This is the first blast across the bow of an EU that has fallen into the hands of corporate interests. It has long ceased to be that great, overarching ideal that drove its formation. It is following libertarian ideas of austerity; it is deeply divided. Brussels doesn’t listen to the periphery, exactly as the British kings never listened. It is a powerful market, and markets, that is corporations, are brutally unconcerned with people and how they live.
Off with its head. What comes next will be tumultuous change. It’s what’s needed.
The danger is that there is nobody to steer except the parties on the far right and people like The Donald.
What is desperately needed is a deeper understanding of ‘what the hell is going on’, and a rewriting of rules 700 years out of date.
Sadly, neither The Donald nor the right wing parties can deliver that.


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