F****d and Confused in Fort Mac

God help us to get out of here; There was just chaos everywhere; We will ensure that everything is done to help people. Canadians are people who help their neighbours. And so on.

By now there’s not a single person in Canada who hasn’t heard about the wildfire that is consuming the city and its environment, forcing more than 80,000 to flee for their lives. The fact that nobody got killed is some kind of miracle, partly due to luck and mostly due to the grace under pressure that the inhabitants showed. http://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2016/05/04/Fort-Mac-Fire/?utm_source=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=040516 That is the good news.

The bad news is that the final cost will be in the billions, but who’s counting? At the moment, nobody is. We’re busy simply surviving. And if you are looking for answers to the question WHY?, the most important question journalists can ask, forget that, too. Because nobody, not the CBC, not HuffPost, not anyone in the mainstream news business, wants to look at the answer that is unavoidable: Climate Change has come to Fort Mac. I listened in vain for a willingness to link this event to the big picture of what is driving the unprecedented conditions in and around Fort Mac. Nobody is in the mood for truth, apparently. Only the Tyee did the above piece which puts the event into a cohesive environmental framework. Unfortunately, the bulk of the populations gets their information from mainstream news like the CBC, and they didn’t dare to make the obvious connection to Climate Change. Mansbridge was too busy interviewing a F-16 Fighter pilot to do an in depth piece on why this disaster happened.

The strong winds driving the fire are relatively new up there, and so is the extreme dryness of the land. Environmentalists have been taking note of these changes for several years already, but who in Fort Mac ever listens to them? If they had, they might have been somewhat prepared for this catastrophe. It is ominous that the denial and the nonexistent context for this event continues to be regarded as normal.

Things are not normal. They will never be ‘normal’ again. This is what Climate Change means.

For example, one could ask why Fort Mac fire marshals are living in the past, expecting fires in the age of Climate Change to behave as they always have. They were very late in issuing evacuation orders; people had mere minutes to get into their cars and flee. The marshals have clearly not been reading environmentalist reports, or if they have, they do not take them into account. Climate Change Denial is built into the culture of Alberta and especially, Fort Mac. And this is what happens when you’re in denial.Unknown-2

If you know what irony is, this massive fire is surely one of the ironies of fate. And one could easily anthropomorphize this event: Mother Nature’s wrath has destroyed a place that is at the heart of Climate Change.
Are we f****ed asks a series on Climate Change written by Geoff Dembicky for The Tyee.
Here’s your answer, Geoff. Many of the people on the road and in strange places today must be thinking just that. But they are not being told the reasons why this is happening to them by our public broadcaster and other irresponsible media.
Maybe, just maybe it’s time the public got more honest news coverage than they are getting. Anyone will a cell phone can record desperate people weeping for their lost homes. I don’t call that journalism. So far, it’s all been weeping and wailing and no answers for them. It truly is awful to lose everything and not know the reasons why.

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