Humanity Needs a Top Predator: Aliens, Anyone?

It’s not easy being human, these days. Look around you and ask yourself if there is anything, anything at all, that we’re doing right. That you can point to and say: see, that’s humanity at its noble best. It seems that the worst so far outweighs the best that we appear, to our own eyes, as a monstrously destructive species. We are destroying other species at a rate not seen since the last great extinction, when we weren’t even around yet. We have become a force of destruction on a planetary scale, causing Climate Change, and massive pollution. We are an out of control species, in need of a hard reality check.

Who is going to administer that, you may well ask. Climate Change will do some of it, of course. But what if we were to run into a predator bigger, smarter and more advanced than we are—Aliens, for example. Something terrifying and yes, alien to us.
To be clear, I’ve never been a believer, and ‘they’ have never shown themselves to my eyes. And for the scientific community, Aliens are of the same ilk as Bigfoot and Ogopogo: emanations from our over active psyches, our ability to see something where there is nothing, or just an ordinary, natural phenomenon. Admitting that you take such things seriously, that you think that there might be something there, after all—that is a dangerous business. You open yourself up to being labeled a lunatic, at worst, or a romantic, soft headed fool, at best. Which is why a lot of people do not actually report what they see, or think.
But they are out there–too many sightings, by too many intelligent and sceptical people reporting on things that fly, zip, zag, glow eerily and then disappear, like nothing on earth can, or does.

The latest sighting came from a friend who is so not the type to ‘see things in the sky’ that it floored me. So, at the risk of being labeled a weirdo, wacko, or worse, I have something to share on the subject. And I’m not really joking.
Imagine if Aliens are watching us, on an intermittent basis, just for entertainment. Maybe we come across like a hokey and violent TV series, one so bad it’s almost entertaining. Imagine them saying things like, they seem to be making a right mess down there, don’t they? But they’re not worth an intervention; way too many resources needed, so yes, let’s just let them do their worst. I wonder if the planet will have any life on it the next time we look? It would be too bad; they are, in their primitive way, quite entertaining, right?


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