The Pope and I: an improbable but not impossible connection


The earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth.” Pope Francis, Laudato Si’

By now, you’re not doubt aware that the Pope has entered the Climate Wars. The latest encyclical, or Letter, takes up the sword of Christendom against none other than the perpetrators of same. And it does so in a language wielded with the precision the Jesuits are famous for, while elevating the entire, heretofore inelegant and clumsy discussion, to the ethical and moral high ground. Where it has always belonged.
Nobody would have predicted it. No one could have foreseen that the Pope would join forces with the likes of Naomi Klein, who is definitely not a Catholic.
And best of all, there has been no more powerful voice to rally our collective will to date. Here, at last, is the voice of reason wedded to a vision of mankind that rings true: we are at a dark moment in history, but we have the means to overcome our darkest urges, to emerge on the side of light.

Which brings me to CITY OF DESIRE, released a mere month ago today. I couldn’t have wished for better timing, since so much of what drives that story is about the very same themes Pope Francis addresses: Climate Change, Pollution, Extinction, Corruption. And most important, the indigenous world view, which holds that the earth is ours to cherish and protect because it is sacred. I found that part most moving: the Pope did not invoke the Bible, as well he might have. It signals an inclusive approach that goes beyond what is strictly speaking, Christian. But it is catholic, in its lesser known sense.

Finding myself on the same page as Pope Francis is, without a doubt, the most surprising and dare I say, hopeful, thing that has happened to me lately.

2 thoughts on “The Pope and I: an improbable but not impossible connection

  1. Re:the popes speach.
    Ha, it all sounds good but what the Jesuits are known for is controlling both sides to further an agenda.
    Read the following:
    Washington in the lap of Rome
    Vatican assassins
    Vatican holocaust
    The secret history of the Jesuits

    There is a reason most people have not heard of these books and there is also a reason most of the world leaders in business and politics have all been schooled at Jesuit University’s. there’s also a reason the Jesuits have been thrown out of over 80 countries throughout history.
    Read, read, read and the peices of the puzzle start to fit together.
    Always love your postings Monica.

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