Chris Hadfield Juggles Balls

A Great Canadian Icon

You saw it; the CBC interview with Wendy Mesley, elegant in black with a necklace straight out of the Raj. If you haven’t seen it, here is the link.
At first, when Hadfield referred to our ‘Mother Earth’ I was hopeful, and when he talked about the nasty things we humans do to each other down here, I was almost sure he would take the next, obvious step: discuss the nasty things we’re doing to her. But he didn’t. Instead he talked about the earth being just fine and no, there’s no cause for alarm. To her credit, Wendy brought up the heretofore taboo topic of Climate Change. And that’s when everyone who knows the bitter political rhetoric surrounding this issue sat up a little straighter and hoped against hope that this time a revered public figure would tell us the truth instead of hiding behind some politically motivated weasel words. And again, we were disappointed. Hadfield admitted that yes, there was such a thing, and it was a bit of us and a bit of ‘natural causes’, and in any case, the earth would manage. It had done so for eons; would do it again. The fact that Climate Change is the human race being nasty to its own Mother in an extremely new fashion, and the dreadful consequences of that, weren’t mentioned. Instead, he showed some colourful images of the benign, innocent things we do to her.
One wonders why. Hadfield is so obviously well intentioned, such an aw-shucks kind of guy, so not above us, the little people who will never have the experiences he has had and wants so badly to share.Like  seeing the old Mother in her gauzy glory; a blue ball floating in space, thousands of times. One so wishes that it would make anyone a better human, right?
Wendy kept pushing him (gently, charmingly) on possible political ambitions. He was coy, he ducked, he didn’t answer.
But in a way, he had answered on the most important issue humanity has ever faced: he doesn’t think it’s so bad; the Earth will survive. We’re not really at fault, after all. Nothing to see here folks except lovely images, so move along.
I think he knew what he was saying, exactly. Only he knows why. But it looked like he lacked the courage to come clean. He missed his moment, just like Obama did when he told the alarmed Wall Street elite summoned to the White House after the crash of the world economy, ‘Gentlemen, we have a PR problem’.
Hadfield reduced Climate Change to a PR problem. The status quo was saved. Nobody is going to lose any sleep over Climate Change after that interview.
In simple English; he showed his lack of balls.
What a shame.

One thought on “Chris Hadfield Juggles Balls

  1. I also noticed this. Hatfield is selling his photographs. Art about climate change doesn’t sell as well as art about the mother nature we know and love. We prefer the Normal Rockwell view of the world.

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