Red Day, Every Day

Stop the Madness! Lemming like, consumers all over North America rush to malls and do what corporate America wants: buy up the planet, at any cost. This is called Black Friday and launches the annual feeding frenzy known as Christmas.

I’m not immune, but I try to resist the siren call of new stuff by reminding myself that it all comes from stripping the planet’s finite resources and pumping ever more CO2 into the air.  That is the true cost of Black Friday, not to mention that the overall economy in NA is in debt to the tune of several trillion dollars, and that’s not counting the debt that we, the loyal consumers, are taking on at this time of year, every year.

So, I would like to make modest proposal: let’s identify the day’s true colour: RED, the colour of debt, the colour of alarm, the colour of blood. The life blood of our planet is being sacrificed on the altar of North American consumerism. I can’t avert my eyes from the slaughter, I can’t not know what’s being done in our name. And not just on Black Friday, either. It’s just more visible that day.

Let’s make it a RED DAY, every day. As a reminder when ‘shopping therapy’ seems utterly seductive, and for the sake of our fragile mental health, if nothing else.

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