The NoEnbridge Rally: Where was Mayor Robertson?

The #NoEnbridge rally at Vancouver’s Science Centre was one of those events that makes you feel good, rekindles your faith in our flawed species and also


makes you wonder why all these different groups, ranging from ForestEthics to The Council of Canadians and LeadNow don’t combine their forces and find a way to become mainstream.

Mayor Bloomberg

By that I mean doing what New York has done, where the former Mayor, Bloomberg, rallied everyone under the cause of solving climate change dilemmas, consumerism, and more. The mayor of New York developed a long term plan to recognize and deal with the problems that the Vancouver rally was about. And while there were a lot of excellent speeches, the mayor of Vancouver, who talks a lot about making this city the greenest on earth, did not make an appearance. He did not stand there and make common cause with the issues–how to prevent further dirty oil disasters, stop pipeline building and limit the number of tankers on our pristine coast–that are about to blow up in our collective faces. He did not make common cause with the citizens who clearly want action and a signal that the concerns clustering around oil, fracking, and Climate Change are being taken seriously by the powers that be.

It’s time that our government,  local, federal as well as provincial, understood that this is no longer a’left wing’ or ‘protest issue’: this is everybody’s issue. Mayor Robertson should stop ‘greenwashing Vancouver’ if he can’t step up and openly make common cause with the groups urging us all to embark on the long road towards a sustainable lifestyle, a future without oil.  If Mayor Bloomberg and New York can do it, why not us? Why are there thousands of people in Vancouver who understand the issues and come out on a very cold Saturday afternoon to make their views known, only to find that their ‘green mayor’ is absent?

Over to you, dear reader.

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