Why Our Ford is a Psychopath

The Rob Ford spectacle is generating not only widespread embarrasment but also collective puzzlement about what makes a guy like this tick. Just to remind you, 60percent of Canadians think he should resign, but meanwhile, his approval rating has risen by several points, to 45 percent or so. What the hell? None of this makes any sense, unless you ask yourself if by chance, Rob Ford might be the perfect specimen of a personality type known as The Psychopath. One of the more provocative books on the subject, The Wisdom of Psychopaths by Robert Dutton, makes a strong case for the successful psychopaths among us, the ones that don’t end up in prison but make very successful citizens. And heavy duty, bizarro mayors. The psychopath of this type is characterized by a lack of fear, lack of remorse, and lack of empathy while able to focus with laser sharpness on the job at hand–either neurosurgery or black ops, among others. Most telling, even while knowing that these people are not wired like you and me, they nonetheless exert an almost eerie fascination and have charisma to burn. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it. Would totally explain the strange, disturbing phenomenon of our Ford. 

Over to you, dear reader.

2 thoughts on “Why Our Ford is a Psychopath

  1. Anytime the media is pushing information on us we owe it to ourselves to look beyond that. There’s a reason why the media is continually bashing Ford. one must explore what’s really going and why they want him out so bad. For the last 50 years The media is has not been there informing its viewers it’s been about influencing viewers. I’m not saying I’m a fan of Ford but some very powerful people want him out that’s the reason we need to explore.

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