Nothing is Ever Finished

I thought that Athena Rising, my Climate Change novel, would end with the first book. I was wrong; Book Two is already emerging from the creative cellar of my mind, and who knows, this could turn into a Trilogy. Climate Change isn’t going away and will never be finished, even as we continue to argue about it. The latest release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on the state of the climate at roughly the same time that Athena Rising is being published strikes me as a good omen for the book. I had not anticipated this convergence of events, but I’m thrilled. Yet, as far as the public reception of the Report goes,  all the tired BS about why we needn’t worry and it’s all untrue is being trotted out again. The Media, who never seem to learn anything new, are going to report it dutifully. Especially those outlets owned by the Murdoch empire, who have consistently confused and distorted what’s really happening to the earth and its climate.

I respectfully suggest that instead of reading yet another ‘balanced’ story pitting paid off Climate Change deniers against 2000 of the world’s best scientific minds, you read Athena Rising. It will tell you what you need to know and there’s even a sex scene in case you get bored with it all.

If this sounds like brazen self promotion, so be it. Time to deal with reality, which nowadays means reading fiction.

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