Athena is Rising up and Changing the Story

Writing a novel is giving me a new perspective on what it must be like to be a kind of god or would be dictator.


My creation pleases and delights me but my characters have minds of their own and do things that I had not anticipated. They are alive, independent creatures with their own ideas and getting them to fit into MY story doesn’t always work. I know how strange this sounds. I’m the writer, so I should be in charge here, right? But it’s more complicated than that. For example, Athena, the heroine of my Climate Change novel, turns out to be more of a dreamer than I had planned and now she’s falling in love. With a man who initially wasn’t even in the story; a very charming and charismatic Architect from Argentinia who is eight years her senior. So now I have to write erotically charged scenes and I am even considering writing a sex scene where she finally loses her virginity. Athena is kind of old when this happens–22 to be exact–and I can’t say I blame her. It’s just that this wasn’t really part of my god like plan for her. Another surprise is that Athena and her new best friend, the tough Aboriginal Maisy, galvanize the unemployed youth of Vancouver with a project they’ve dubbed FixYourCity FixYourLIfe. Since the Spring Solstice Flood, the city has been a mess and the economy is in tatters. Instead of waiting for the government, these young people take matters into their own hands. I have yet to work out the details, but I think they will do fantastic things. This project wasn’t part of my original outline either; it just showed up two days ago. Maybe two young women in Athens, Greece, who organize their friends to fix the crumbling infrastructure and society there, inspired me.

It just goes to show that even minor gods like writers have to listen to their creations. If they want their story to live and breathe, they can’t be dictators. There’s an obvious lesson here for politicians and dictators the world over. Too many of them don’t seem to get it.

This has to be a short post; I’ve only got 25 days left to finish the story of Athena Rising. Sex scenes; yikes.

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