Grandmother Taking on Climate Change

Jericho Beach, Vancouver I have no illusions about actually saving the world, but I do believe in the power of stories to engage, to challenge and to educate. Climate Change has spawned millions of words, mostly in the form of reports, articles and essays. And Climate Change novels tend to be about the politics of it all, often set in a distant future, and there are some excellent ones.

The novel I am writing is focused on how a climate change disaster changes people, wakes them up and sets them on a new path. Athena Rising is about a well off young woman, a student, an animal lover and a creative spirit living in Vancouver. Her life gets literally swept away in a flood. She has to grow up fast and figure out a different way of living. Her grandmother and her Aboriginal friend play pivotal roles in this painful process. Though not a natural leader, she becomes one in spite of herself and discovers that cooperation and courage, ancient wisdom and a warrior spirit, are essential to survival in this new, unfriendly and unpredictable world.

I am crowdsourcing Athena Rising on RocketHub, at

If you feel this is a worthwhile project, please support it. I have a wide choice of rewards and now I have to get back to writing the Athena novel: only 77 days left!

These are interesting times, and I am working hard to ‘make the best of it’, as my mother always advised.

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