R.I.P. Thatcher’s Zombies

imagesNow that she is safely interred, and all the hoopla  over her life and so called achievements–‘she did not just lead us, she saved us’ quoth Prime Minister Cameron, is subsiding; we could all go home. Except that the ghost of Mrs. Thatcher and her extreme right wing agenda, lives on. And on. It is a simple agenda by a woman who was incapable of thinking in shades of grey; it was all black and white: regulated markets-bad, big government and social safety nets equally so and unions, well, they were responsible for all economic woes, period.

What with the ongoing, never ending fall out from the 2008 economic crash, the long term result of Thatcher’s and conservatives’  economic agenda, one would think that the left would seize the moment and put all that crap where it belongs. In the dustbins of history. But no. Thatcher’s destructive ideas about a fairy tale world of riches for all good shareholders and maybe a few plebs, lives on. Conservatives are not sorry that their ideas brought us all to the brink of collapse; on the contrary, they are more voluble and self righteous than ever.

A worthy mouthpiece for the discredited, amoral  ideas of the capitalist elite is surely Kevin O’Leary, who has become so predictable in his untiring slagging of unions and anything that might get in the way of profits for his darling shareholders that he might as well be called Mr. Thatcher. Other politicians worthy of the title are Reagon, Bush Junior, Mulroney, even Clinton and lately, Obama. They all believe in   small government, budget cuts to social programs and deregulated everything, a la Milton Friedman. Mrs. Thatcher’s army of Zombie politicians and bad economics is alive and well and on my TV. I want them gone, and replaced by people who cannot be corrupted by the siren songs of modern casino capitalism. I want something that could be called a new beginning in a different language, a humane language that speaks to me and mine.


Little known is that Thatcher was a fervent supporter of the bloodiest dictators such as Pinochet, The Shah of Iran, Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein, among others.  She was happy to sell them arms, even personally engaging in hard bargaining. She loved being the only woman at the table in these mostly secret encounters; being the Queen Bee was one of her favourite roles. She loved the company of men, no matter how vile. And she hated feminism, proclaiming that it had done nothing for her. She had done it all herself. Yes, she did. She was, among many other things, a war monger and arms dealer at the highest level. As long as it served the purposes of money and power in the West, she was on board. As the independent British publisher Media Lens reports,

‘Although British companies have long sold arms, legally and illegally, to the world’s leading tyrannies… it was Margaret Thatcher who brought a crusading zeal to the task of arming much of the world.

‘She became a super-saleswoman, making deals, talking up the finer points of fighter aircraft engines, hard-bargaining with Saudi princes, cajoling buyers and sellers alike.’ (Pilger, Hidden Agendas, Vintage, 1998, p.124)

It’s time for an organized, energized and self righteous attack from those who see reality without the distortions of Thatcherism. I suspect that’s a lot more people than the corporate media want to admitimages-1. Let’s bury not just Mrs. Thatcher but all those who espouse her destructive and inhuman agenda. Let’s bury Thatcherism, once and for all. Let’s get our moral compass back.

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