The Eternal Feminine & Saving the Planet

What is the price of peaceful, productive, democratic and progressive society? Elevating the status of women. It took us rather long, but we, that is the rich West, have finally figured out that women, individually and collectively, are the face of human rights. Societies that give women equal rights with men and protect them from violence, thrive. Those that do not, do not. Sounds simple, but as the ongoing disastersImage of Afghanistan and other places plagued by extremism in all its forms shows, it is incredibly difficult to do when too many support the oppression of women, when it is part of the fabric of the culture.

We ought to remember how long it took western women to gain a strong, legal position in our society. And we might want to look beyond individual rights towards the female archetype of the Great Goddess, Gaia, whom capitalism rapes daily. A society that allows that to happen, will also fail to thrive.

We are far from where we need to be, even here in the progressive West. The next stage of feminism will be about this: recognizing that the sacred feminine is in dire need of our attention, and our collective action. Saving the planet is an essentially nurturing activity that takes the long view over short term profits. It is the wise, female perspective, and it is high time we got serious about it.

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