Pity the city without cool hangouts

Remember that terrible time when Vancouver was known as ‘no fun city’? We overcame and became cool because of the 2010 Olympics. Now we’re back to being seriously uncool because one of the last places that caters to the cool, hip, artsy crowd and those who just want to watch is about to get demolished. I’m talking about the Waldorf Hotel, located on a gritty strip on East Hastings but recently refurbished and reborn with a Tiki Lounge, an inventive menu and an atmosphere unlike any other. The people behind the renovation were struggling with rent payments, so the landlord decided to sell to a large developer. Who may simply tear the whole thing down and put in another glass condo tower. Interestingly, as soon as the possibility leaked out, a public uproar began that is far from over. Seems like there are people in this town who care about this sort of thing, after all. They have cool places like the Waldorf in places like Los Angeles and Miami Beach, so why does Vancouver not learn from them and stop tearing them down? What can be done? Will the developer, Solterra Group, listen to the mounting pressure and offer Waldorf Productions a a long-term lease or will they just keep the coolest venue in Vancouver closed forever? What would that say about them and the city they operate in? Stay tuned; it ain’t over till people stop caring and protesting.





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