Unnatural Disasters and Living Within Natural Limits

What’s it going to take before we, the average, harried, overworked, and worried people, finally demand that our Dear Leaders wake up and acknowledge that our way of life is destroying our planet and poisoning us in the process? Do we actually need ‘proof’ that monster storms, increasing earth quakes, floods, droughts, tornadoes and extreme weather everywhere is damaging not just the planet but our way of life? What’s it going to take before we realize that we are in fact shitting in our own planetary nest, and making it uninhabitable? Do we really want to wait until the disasters that are increasingly common have made us so vulnerable we can’t be proactive any longer? The big take away from the ‘natural disasters’ that are increasing exponentially is that we, the most numerous species on the planet, need to change from a short term, profit oriented mode to a long term, sustainable mode. Or perish.

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