Seniors and Workplace Slavery

Older folks have a lifetime of experience and expertise to offer but try getting a job after a certain age, I dare you. It’s not for lack of trying; most ‘seniors’ now know that old school retirement actually kills you. Doctors advise us to stay active, stay connected, to do something, like actually working for money. I like working; in fact, I need to work because pension money just doesn’t cut it here in Vancouver. But it’s impossible to buy into the ‘passion and 60hour+ week’ model so dear to the corporate world. I’m too old for that, I’m hard to boss me around, and I don’t want to pretend that everything is peachy when it isn’t.  Young people scare easy; they have mortgages and kids, so they knuckle under. The title of the book, The Energy of Slaves, could be used in a more literary way. We all have the energy of slaves these days.  We need a new model, something that replaces capitalism. Trouble is, nobody seems to know what that is.

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