Say Goodbye to Sincerity in Politics

Obama versus Romney: it’s a choice between two ineffective leaders, since no politician can save the USA from trillions of debt and a social structure that resembles France just before bewigged heads began to roll. Obama is not in the grip of an destructive ideology, so he will muddle through as best he can and the slide towards Anarchy will be slow. Under Romney, an expert in taking functioning businesses apart, the crumbling of the USA will become a landslide and things will fall apart very quickly. So why does anyone even care about whether or not these two men, both very sincere in their own minds, come across as ‘sincere’ to the weary public? Because in the USA, people still want to believe that somehow, the President should be just like you and I, and we should be able to sit down and have a normal conversation over a beer with him. (Or her) Americans need to read up on how politics really works, so they won’t be constantly disappointed when politicians promise one thing and then do something completely different. Der Spiegel puts it well: …powerful people in the public eye, stretching back to the Florentine political strategist Niccolo Machiavelli, have held the privileged position of not saying what they mean in order to get or hold onto power. It’s time Americans got over their sentimental and naive view of politics and politicians. Politicians are just people presenting a persona for a specific effect, like movie stars. Oh yes, that’s why Reagan did so well; he understood the basic dynamic and had practiced it for years before he got to the White House.

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