Unhappy Birthday, Monika

“… the idea that they would still continue to own access to an area the size of a small European country is making vassals of the people.”

This is a quote taken from a Tyee interview with Corky Evans, retired NDP politician and deep thinker, commenting on the perfectly legal practice of resource companies having access to our rich resources without even paying taxes on the land they are holding. Public land.

It’s part and parcel of a continuum of greed and corruption that is threatening to pull the collective rug out from under our entire civilization. Everywhere we look, there is the same pattern: the upper 20 percent, whether they be politicians, bureaucrats, corporations or municipal managers, living a life of ease and luxury while proclaiming the there is no money, oh dear, and we have to tighten our collective belts. And there certainly won’t be any raises for teachers, nurses, factory workers or anyone else who is actually working for a living.

As Corky pointed out, when you live in a badly rigged system, you the ordinary people, will end up as vassals or serfs. Welcome to the 21first century! It might as well be the beginning of the 20ieth century; we are going back to the days of the robber barons, sweat shops, child labour and huge market crashes. It’s all happened before, but since we are not good at remembering that far back, we’re going to do it all over again.

It’s enough to make you cry. Or, if you have the requisite energy, to storm into the streets, banging pots and bearing badly made signs. For months and months. Until you simply have to go back to your ‘real life’ and take care of it.

I am going to be 72 in a couple of weeks and I can’t recall a time when I’ve been this angry. The sixties protests, the VietNam war, racial integration and feminism all pale in comparison to the endemic corruption and the endless, stupid wars we’ve got now. The main difference is that during the sixties and seventies, a sense of hope and an implicit belief that we could and would, change the system, gave us strength. For a while, it seemed that we had won. But that is over.

All I see now is a lot of noise and a lot of angry despair. But there is not a lot of real optimism. The problems we have created are so enormous that we feel overwhelmed: the top three are environmental collapse, casino capitalism, and rampant corruption. Together, they form the perfect storm. We need a grass roots movement to force the corrupt power elite to make the changes we need.

I’m ready for the revolution. Where is it? What happened to the Occupy people? We need them, they need us. The fight is just beginning and this time; it’s a fight to the finish.


3 thoughts on “Unhappy Birthday, Monika

  1. Got any ideas? It seems we are all out of good ideas. Let’s all brain storm for something creatively new. It may not be either or but both and. A concept not very popular these days.

  2. So, the bigger they are the harder they fall (Jimmy Cliff? Old testament, or a boxer’s metaphor); whatever, some things change and some things don’t, then it happens all over again, the difference this time round is that we are so enormously ________ (fill in the appropriate adjectives here)… Maybe it has to crash before we can do it better, or as some of kraut once said, “if it doesn’t kill us, ….”

    unhappy birthday Mumster, keep rabble rousing!

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