Anecdotage: Disrespect for all

Sharon Butala, one of Canada's better-known authors, recently published an article in The Walrus in which she laments widespread ageism and demands better treatment for her sixty-something person and well, RESPECT. As for me, one of Canada's least-known authors and a good decade older than Ms Butala, I would like to make some random, old lady … Continue reading Anecdotage: Disrespect for all

Is the patriarchy ending?

  How wonderful it is, women owning their power, speaking up, with #MeToo, #Time'sUp and #Nobody'sDoll. This last one is a brave attempt to liberate women on the red carpet from the stiletto heels and plunging necklines that, according to Anna Brueggemann, the creator of #Nobody'sDoll, constitute a kind of straitjacket. She is making a good case … Continue reading Is the patriarchy ending?

The darkest day of the year​

I was going to write something uplifting; I really was. Something about how, with a little luck and a little hope, the human race will not only survive but thrive. But it turned into something quite different.  At first, my native pessimism (I call it realism) kicked in with a vengeance, especially during the last week when the … Continue reading The darkest day of the year​