Anecdotage #9: Joined at the patriarchal hip: Weinstein and Boyle

We seem to be having a collective Weinstein moment: one of the most powerful men in Hollywood disgraced and his company up for grabs, all because he sexually molested women throughout his long career. And of course, everyone in the business knew it--and kept their mouths firmly shut. As John Wight puts it succinctly in … Continue reading Anecdotage #9: Joined at the patriarchal hip: Weinstein and Boyle

Anecdotage #8: Hijacked Minds

In my ongoing quest to decipher the reasons behind the chaotic world we all inhabit, my mind sometimes clutches at tried and true homilies, some in German, such as this one, actually an old round: "Die Gedanken sind frei, wer kann sie erraten, sie fliegen vorbei wie naechtliche Schatten." Freely translated, it means that ' Our thoughts … Continue reading Anecdotage #8: Hijacked Minds

Lament for Catalonia

Spain is my emotional home--the intensity, the passion, the frankness, the harsh shadows and brilliant lights--echo my own, not always easy character. I have spent many months there, each time becoming more enamoured. So when I witness scenes of utter chaos and police violence towards citizens of Barcelona going about the democratic business of voting … Continue reading Lament for Catalonia

Anecdotage #7: Herr Trump is the greatest showman on earth

Ever since the man of the hour, or possibly the century, emptied a bucket of imperial vanity, vile lies, and bombastic threats over the heads of the UN delegates, the commentariat has been in an uproar, trying with all their might to explain why Trump would make statements such as this; 'North Korea threatens the … Continue reading Anecdotage #7: Herr Trump is the greatest showman on earth

Anecdotage #6: The heart of the matter

I don't have to reiterate that we are living in perilous times; everyone except Trump knows that by now.  We get daily disaster reports in the form of charts, satellite images, videos and reams of statistics. I wake up every day thinking, gee, I wonder what fresh mayhem they'll dish up today, and I am … Continue reading Anecdotage #6: The heart of the matter