Chaos Words

Fake News. Propaganda. Populism. Psy-Ops. Trump threatening journalists and tweeting nonsense about Canada being a threat to 'national security'.  Brexit and Bill C-16; Doug Ford winning the election in Ontario: What do they all have in common? Words, used in ways that confuse, make life more opaque, intensify magical thinking and foster ill-timed disagreements. Words matter … Continue reading Chaos Words

Smart cities & dumb fucks.2

Between Meghan's elevation to Duchess of Sussex and yet another disturbed young man massacring his schoolmates in the US, it seems almost churlish to keep harping on the pell-mell digitization of our lives. But it is an issue that keeps coming up. I'm talking about a culture that no longer understands itself because the forces … Continue reading Smart cities & dumb fucks.2

Anecdotage: Disrespect for all

Sharon Butala, one of Canada's better-known authors, recently published an article in The Walrus in which she laments widespread ageism and demands better treatment for her sixty-something person and well, RESPECT. As for me, one of Canada's least-known authors and a good decade older than Ms Butala, I would like to make some random, old lady … Continue reading Anecdotage: Disrespect for all

Is the patriarchy ending?

  How wonderful it is, women owning their power, speaking up, with #MeToo, #Time'sUp and #Nobody'sDoll. This last one is a brave attempt to liberate women on the red carpet from the stiletto heels and plunging necklines that, according to Anna Brueggemann, the creator of #Nobody'sDoll, constitute a kind of straitjacket. She is making a good case … Continue reading Is the patriarchy ending?